How to Enroll

Because enrolling in health insurance can be confusing, there are free, local, in-person navigators and brokers to assist you.

Ways to Enroll Through MNsure:

  • Direct, online enrollment is available for individuals who feel confident completing the process on their own.
  • Contact a navigator (recommended).  Navigators are trained individuals from trusted local organizations that provide free face-to-face application and enrollment help, including those applying for MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance.

– Within the greater Duluth area, check the “Get Local Assistance” page for a list of navigators.  

– Outside of Duluth, please contact the United Way 2-1-1 service (1-800-543-7709 or email or check the MNsure Assister Locator website for a list of navigators nearest you.

  • Contact a broker.  Brokers are trained and licensed professionals who offer free face-to-face enrollment assistance.  Brokers are a good resource for individuals who need help determining which Qualified Health Plan is best for them.

What You Need to Enroll:

  • Social Security number for each person applying
  • Date of birth for everyone in household (not just those applying)
  • Driver’s license, Tribal ID or other ID
  • For non-citizens, Green Card or other immigration documents
  • Last year’s tax forms (1040EZ or page 1 of 1040)
  • Two most recent pay stubs
  • Documents for other sources of income (social security, unemployment, self-employment, etc.)
  • W2 form or Employer Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Employer’s address and contact information
  • Information about any employer-provided health insurance available to each person applying (request this from the employer)
  • Think of a username and password for your MNsure account

* note: gather as much documentation as possible.  If you are unable to get documentation listed, you may still be able to enroll, so don’t delay contacting a Navigator and beginning your application.


A Duluth community resource for navigating MNsure, the state's new health insurance exchange

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